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Craig Jones CEO Water Stats

About Water-Stats and
Craig Jones CEO.

Craig received a bachelor’s degree in math and education from Brigham Young University in 1982. He earned his master’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona in 1990. Since 1990, he has been developing commercial software and their related websites.

In 2020 he had a discussion with a friend who had worked with water utility companies for his career. After learning about how SCADA’s (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for water systems work, Craig concluded that the existing SCADA systems were too complex and expensive for smaller rural water companies. With the goal of building an affordable SCADA system that was easier to use and empowers the water business owners to configure their own sysems, Water-Stats.LLC was formed and the journey began, to build a better, more affordable SCADA system. With his background and experience in systems development, Craig spent a couple of years, working after hours from his day job, prototyping. Craig retired from working in the corporate world in January of 2022 so that he could focus on this project. In mid 2023, after four years of research, development, and field testing, “Water-Stats” was was finally ready to sell to customers.